Who would look after your children if you died before they reach 18?

There is literally no more important reason to write a Will, than to secure a young child’s upbringing with your chosen, trusted guardians. So it is worrying that, according to a report by Legal & General in 2021, only 39% of people aged 25-34 (those most likely to have children under 18) have written a […]

“What do you think of cheap Wills?” “Not much.”

I recently met a couple in Lancaster to write their Wills. They are a ‘blended family’ (children from previous relationships) and have various business interests, so it’s not a simple case. After 90 minutes of thrashing out ideas to achieve their goals, we agreed their instructions. As I was about to leave, the husband asked […]

“Can ChatGPT write my Will?”

That’s a question I have been asked zero times… yet. But I’m sure it’s coming. From what I can tell from trying ChatGPT out, the short answer is “Yes”, it can write your Will. The longer answer is “Yes, but that Will may not be suitable for what you need.” The answer ChatGPT gives you […]

Are Lasting Powers of Attorney more important than Wills?

Most of us have heard of Wills and see the value of them (even if we don’t all write one), because we are all going to die. But we won’t all lose mental capacity (for whatever reason) during our lives. So why might Lasting Powers of Attorney be an even *more* important part of your […]

How can you prevent your Will being successfully challenged?

The Times recently reported statistics from Private Client Solicitors, showing that the number of disputes over Wills leading to court cases has risen by more than a third since 2017 and more than doubled over the past decade. Many more cases will never reach the courts as they are resolved by mediation. Although some cases […]

Did you know… marriage automatically revokes a Will?

We recently wrote Wills for a young couple who are scheduled to marry next year. Their Wills are pretty standard – if one of them dies they would like the other to inherit everything, and if they both die or once the second of them dies, they have named a combination of their close relatives […]

Do I need Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal process whereby a person (the ‘donor’) with mental capacity, gives authority for trusted people (the ‘attorneys’) to make decisions on their behalf, if and when they lose capacity. Quick answer to the above question: you ‘need’ LPAs in the same way you ‘need’ home insurance. You only […]

How do I know if my willwriter is trustworthy?

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) recently published a report warning against the dangers of using a “cowboy” willwriter, with a large number of STEP members saying they have come across “dishonest, unqualified, and incompetent” willwriters giving bad or misleading advice. Such poor service from rogue willwriters can lead to clients paying for […]

A horror story avoided

(All names have been changed) There are numerous horror stories on the willwriting circuit of cases where Wills have gone wrong, or the lack of Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney have caused serious problems for families. One horror story that I like to think I helped avert is a case I often think about. […]

Are Lasting Powers of Attorney more important than Wills?

“I think in many ways, a Power of Attorney is more important than a Will,” Martin Lewis When I heard this recently it made me think, as it isn’t a point I’d considered before. But actually, it makes sense. If we die without a proper and competent Will in place, then it increases stress, costs […]