That’s a question I have been asked zero times… yet. But I’m sure it’s coming.

From what I can tell from trying ChatGPT out, the short answer is “Yes”, it can write your Will. The longer answer is “Yes, but that Will may not be suitable for what you need.”

The answer ChatGPT gives you is only ever as good as the question you ask. For example, I asked “What are the best investments for me to retire at age 50?” and though it did sensibly suggest I consult a financial adviser, it also gave me some categories of investment I might consider. It didn’t ask me any more details about my circumstances, which would affect which investments would be best for me.

It is the same with your Will. You may have some knowledge of how Wills work and what details you need to consider, but most people will not. There are often times when I meet clients and mention things they need to consider but didn’t know about, or where their ideas may not work as they intended. I’m not bigging myself up here – any other properly qualified, professional willwriter would do the same.

A poorly-written Will isn’t like a t-shirt that gets a hole in, and you can take it back to the shop. By the time the Will is needed, it could be years, maybe even decades, into the future, and when the person has died it is usually too late to do anything about a Will that doesn’t work as intended. This creates extra costs and stress for the person’s family, at the worst possible time.

When it comes to your family’s future, it’s too risky not to use a professional to write your Will.

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