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Having your Will written by a trained, professional willwriter gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed and reduce stress for your family after your day.

Lakes Wills Ltd’s fees begin from £197 for a single Will, and £327 for a couple’s Wills. To arrange an appointment to discuss your Will, please call 015395 87757, email or Contact Us here

Why should I write a Will? (the longer version)

Your Will is a written document that you have signed in front of witnesses, which dictates how your money and property (your assets which make up your estate) will be disposed of when you die, and which appoints trusted people (your executors) to administer your estate and ensure that the correct people receive what you want to leave to them.

Your wishes set out in your Will are legally-binding, and after your death they can only be changed if all of the recipients mentioned in your Will agree to the proposed changes. This means that, barring such a change and as long as the relevant assets are still in your estate, your recipients will receive what you want them to. Your wishes are clear and a professionally-written Will should ensure that any legal challenge to Will is likely to fail.

Even in the simplest of cases, a Will is useful because you can appoint executors of your choice to do the work when the time comes. This should avoid potential executors arguing in court over who has the right to administer your estate.

Why should I use a professional willwriter?

A poorly-drafted Will can cause significant problems when you die, and of course you are then no longer able to rectify it. At Lakes Wills Ltd we take the time to properly understand your situation and give you the best advice to ensure your Will does what you want it to.

One example of how we do this is to consider the plausible scenarios – for a young couple who have two small children, in most cases (though not all) they would want to leave their estate to each other when the first of them dies, and when the second dies, the children inherit everything. With no other instruction left, the children inherit at age 18, but might the parents actually choose a different age? Who is the best person to look after the children if both parents die before the children reach 18? And who should inherit if the worst were to happen, and the parents and children all died in the same accident?

Without a properly-written Will, the above questions are answered by the law and the courts, not by the parents themselves.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for us to write Wills for people who are estranged from a son or daughter and want to exclude this child from their Will. A person has the legal right to make a claim on their parent’s estate when the parent dies, however if you are in the unfortunate situation of wanting to leave a child out of your Will, we will advise on how to ensure that any legal challenge is likely to fail.

Lakes Wills Ltd is a fully-insured member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and complies with the IPW code of practice.

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