Frequently asked questions:

Do we have to come to your office?
No, as Lakes Wills Ltd not have a public office we will meet you at your home or at a mutually-convenient public place.

Do you offer evening appointments?
Yes, we can often meet you in the evening or on a Saturday morning.

Can we do a video call?
Yes, if you prefer to meet by video call rather than face-to-face can complete your case by video call provided you are able to run a video call unaided. Lakes Wills Ltd does not work solely via telephone or email – we will always meet you either in person or by video call to take your instructions and sign your Will.

Which areas do you cover?
Lakes Wills Ltd writes Wills for clients throughout England and Wales. For face-to-face appointments, our core area is Kendal and Lancaster, though we also travel to Carlisle or Preston, as far west as Barrow-in-Furness, and the Windermere-Keswick corridor. We can sometimes travel further afield but this may involve extra fees, which you will be advised of before booking your appointment.

How much will my Will cost?
Our fees start at £197 for a single Will, and £327 for a couple. You will be advised at your instruction meeting if the price for your Will/s would be higher than this, and in all cases a price will be confirmed before you are asked to pay any money.

What qualifications do you have?
Lakes Wills Ltd and Stephen Thrift are registered as full members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and fully comply with the IPW’s code of practice. Stephen Thrift has trained with the IPW to produce Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney and worked under the supervision of an experienced local willwriter. Lakes Wills Ltd is fully insured to write Wills and create Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Who can witness me signing my Will?
Your witnesses should ideally not be relatives, anyone mentioned in your Will, or anyone with significant links to someone mentioned in your Will. Neighbours or friends are usually suitable.

How many executors do I need to appoint in my Will?
We would ask you to appoint at least two executors in your Will. For couples, you can be executors for each other, but you would need to appoint at least one more executor (which can be the same person for both Wills). Above all, executors should be people you trust to act honestly and be able to do the work necessary.

Do you write Wills in Scotland?
No, Lakes Wills Ltd is not approved to write Wills that apply Scottish law.

Can you write a Will for foreign property?
No, Lakes Wills Ltd is not qualified to write Wills relating to property located outside of England and Wales. As such, we would specify that your Will does not cover such foreign property, and advise that you use a suitably qualified solicitor to produce a separate Will relating only to that property.

Lakes Wills Ltd is a fully-insured member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and complies with the IPW code of practice.

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