There is literally no more important reason to write a Will, than to secure a young child’s upbringing with your chosen, trusted guardians. So it is worrying that, according to a report by Legal & General in 2021, only 39% of people aged 25-34 (those most likely to have children under 18) have written a Will.

“Who would look after your children if they were left without both parents before 18?” If the parents haven’t written a Will appointing trusted guardians, then the only correct answer is “That’s for the courts and social services to decide”.

Even where there are suitable potential guardians, they will have to go through the legal system to get custody of the children. If two different people are competing, this will involve cost, time and stress, perhaps bringing out the worst in them and showing neither to be suitable. And who looks after the children in the meantime?

Money is certainly important. But your money going to someone you didn’t intend is one thing, your children going into care instead of to a perfectly suitable guardian for want of a Will, could be a disaster.

Writing a Will is literally one of the kindest things new parents can do for their children.

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