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The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) recently published a report warning against the dangers of using a “cowboy” willwriter, with a large number of STEP members saying they have come across “dishonest, unqualified, and incompetent” willwriters giving bad or misleading advice.

Such poor service from rogue willwriters can lead to clients paying for extra services they do not need, including “hidden extras”, and/or bereaved families facing extra stress and costs because the Will was never suitable for their deceased relative in the first place.

Particularly worrying is clients being advised to gift their house to their children during their lifetime to avoid inheritance tax and care fees. Although in some circumstances this can help avoid inheritance tax (though be sure to take competent, independent legal advice), it is unlikely to protect against care fees and it is not something that we ever recommend a client do.

At Lakes Wills Ltd, we would never recommend that you buy a more complicated Will than you require, our fees are always transparent and explained fully to you before you commit to working with us.

Lakes Wills Ltd is regulated by the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) and fully-qualified and insured to produce Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney in England and Wales.

If you have any concerns about a willwriter you are thinking of using, ask which organisation they are regulated by (the IPW, STEP, the Society of Willwriters, BEST Foundation or the Solicitors Regulation Authority). Then check the relevant organisation’s website to confirm this. You could also ask for confirmation of professional indemnity insurance.

If you are considering using a free or cheap willwriting service, particularly an online service, you might consider how good the quality of the advice will be and if there will be extra hidden fees. Be wary as well of firms appointing themselves as executors in your Will – this could cost your family thousands of pounds when the time comes.

Above all, never pay money to any willwriter unless you are completely happy with the reasons for doing so, and do not allow yourself to be pressured into making payments you are not comfortable with.

Lakes Wills Ltd offers a compassionate service to write your Will in the Kendal and Lancaster area. Contact us on 07795 661719 or

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