We recently saw a statistic that 30 million adults in Britain don’t have a Will. These stats go round now and then but that is the highest number we have seen. More than half!

So 30 million people who, if they die tomorrow, what they want to happen to their money, their property, young children… it’s irrelevant.

The law and the courts will decide.

– That’s millions of unmarried partners who might be in for a shock when they don’t inherit their partner’s sole money and property. Some could be left homeless or face expensive, lengthy, stressful legal action to stay in their homes.

– Millions of parents who are playing roulette with their young children’s upbringing because they have not legally appointed their chosen guardians.

– Millions of people whose children could face crippling inheritance tax bills because no Will or insurance was put in place to deal with this.

– 30 million people whose families will suffer more unnecessary stress after their death, at an already difficult time.

Writing a Will that complies with the proper legal format, is the only way to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death. Otherwise your money, property… your children’s future, are in the lap of the law and the courts, and they may or may not do what you would have wanted.

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